What Wives Can Do to Bless Their Marriage

Ladies, today I’ve got a simple idea that’ll help you create a happier marriage: affirm your husband.

Right away, you may be thinking: “Affirm him? Where’s my affirmation?”

I get it. No doubt your husband has plenty of areas where he could improve. And praising him can be a challenge if he’s not reaching out to you in a meaningful way. But hear me out.  Affirmation is the key that unlocks your husband’s heart. He craves respect – from his boss, from his kids, and from you. Tell him he’s a good husband, a great parent, or a hard worker, and the shell around his heart will crack. Say something like that daily, and it’ll transform your marriage.

That’s just one of the ideas I discussed with author Angela Mills on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “What Wives Can Do to Bless Their Marriage.” She has written a book titled Bless Your Husband: Creative Ways to Encourage and Love Your Man, and she joins us to examine the steps wives can take to change the dynamic in their marriages.

Angela encourages wives to follow God’s call on their lives even when doing so doesn’t come naturally or when it’s difficult. God will bless your obedience.

You can’t change your husband, but you can influence him. If you’re to a point where you can’t see the good in your husband, find the God in him.

Listen to our full conversation on your local radio station, online, on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or on our free phone app.

And while you’re online, why not take a few moments to try our free Marriage Assessment online tool? It will help you quickly determine what’s working well in your relationship and identify areas where you may need some improvement.

Angela’s book is available for a gift of any amount. For more information, visit our website. If you can’t afford it, we’ll find a way to get it to you.

Before I close, I want to remind you about Hope Restored. If you’re on the brink of divorce, these marriage intensives can go a long way toward facilitating healing between you and your spouse and bringing restoration to your relationship. The intensives take place in three locations: Branson, MO; Greenville, MI; and the WinShape Retreat Center in Rome, GA. The number for Hope Restored is 1-866-875-2915, or visit online.

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