WATCH: Ronald Reagan: A Man of Faith – A New Documentary from Focus on the Family

Ronald Reagan was the first president I voted for, though my decision came after some thoughtful soul-searching. 

Although I shared most, if not all, of his ideological perspectives, Governor Reagan campaigned on a promise to reduce the Social Security Beneficiary Benefit. Having been orphaned, I was receiving this assistance and depended on it to help make ends meet. 

For me, a vote for Reagan was a vote that would come at a price – as in dollars and cents.

I weighed the options and came to the conclusion that I was to do what Mr. Reagan was urging all Americans to do: sacrifice for the sake of the country, giving up in order to bring about American rebirth and revitalization.

Of course, Mr. Reagan’s presidency was almost over before it even began. Our fortieth president narrowly survived a would-be assassin’s bullet on March 30, 1981. 

Over time, we’ve learned that President Reagan believed the Lord spared him from an untimely death because He still had work for him to do.

Our Daily Citizen team recently sat down with several people who knew Mr. Reagan very well, including his son, Michael, along with trusted aides and historians, to discuss how his Christian faith influenced the remaining years of his life.

Ronald Reagan: A Man of Faith is a beautifully crafted documentary that will reveal the depth of our former president’s faith and how his unique and consequential life helped change the course of history.

I’d like to invite you watch the 32 minutes film, which premieres tonight on Facebook at 6 PM Mountain.

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