Today’s Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation is a Victory for Tomorrow’s America

The United States Senate’s narrow but decisive vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett as only the fifth woman jurist on the high court brings to a close a remarkable chapter in the 2020 presidential campaign.

But Monday night’s historic vote is a triumph for not just Judge Barrett and President Trump, who has now successfully navigated three selections to the Supreme Court.

Judge Barrett’s ascent to the bench is a victory for decency, goodness and belief in conservative judicial ideals.

It should also serve as encouragement to the next generation that right makes might, hard work pays off – and one’s deeply held faith need not be subjugated to secularists who want to erase the foundation of America’s guiding principles.

It’s also an indication that a new feminism is rising in America – women who embrace life, marriage, children and faith.

Amy Coney Barrett didn’t come from money, power or status – she came from a middle-class family of nine consisting of a mom and a dad, plus six other siblings. She’s also a hard-working wife and mother who deftly navigates real-world challenges.

When faced with unrelenting and often patronizing lectures from members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Judge Barrett winsomely but forcefully faced her detractors. She answered calmly and politely, her humility even underselling her credentials on the nation’s largest stage.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is eminently qualified to serve as the ninth justice on the Supreme Court. I applaud the Senate’s vote and encourage all Americans to join me in praying for the Lord’s protection and favor to follow her in the coming years.


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