Survival Tips for New Dads

Author Aaron Sharp says that every new dad is like Peter Parker, the mild-mannered character in the Marvel comic series who becomes Spider-Man. A pivotal moment in Peter’s story comes when he’s bitten by a radioactive spider, and his life changes forever … only, he doesn’t immediately realize it.

For a man, that pivotal moment comes the first time his wife says, “We’re having a baby.” The man’s life changes forever … only he doesn’t immediately realize what’s coming down the pike.

With four kids between the ages of three and nine, Aaron calls himself a “four-time pregnancy survivor.” He’s helping new dads prepare for what’s ahead with his new book You Got This Dad: The Expectant Father’s Guide to Surviving Pregnancy. We’re discussing the book with Aaron on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Survival Tips for New Dads.”

Aaron shares practical insights that will help new dads get ready for the mysterious journey known as “fatherhood.” One encouragement is to treasure each moment of the pregnancy, from doctor appointments to delivery. Each step of the experience with each child is unique. Soak it in and appreciate what God is doing.

Another helpful encouragement is to be your wife’s teammate through her pregnancy. Although each of your experiences will be unique, there is a lot you can experience together. Pregnancy is a life event that will help you and your wife to become one flesh.

Pregnancy will also deepen your faith as you come to terms with how little control you have. You’ll learn to trust God’s work through the miracle happening in your wife’s body and the expertise of medical professionals.

Aaron also shares how a man can support his wife before the baby is born, and to stay engaged throughout her pregnancy. Ladies, this program will help you understand what your husband is thinking and feeling during your pregnancy.

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Aaron’s book is available for a gift of any amount. For more information, visit our website.

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