Super Bowl Bingo Game Printable


Time for the Super Bowl!!  I know many people get together with friends and family for food, fun  — oh yeah — and the game!   However, most of us look even more forward to those hilarious and memorable commercials!!!  Here’s a fun way to get your kids (and even your entire family) involved!  SuperBowl Bingo!!!

You can print out these forms (no need to print in color if you do not want to).  Then, use pennies, crackers, candies — whatever you can find –as your markers.

Sit down and start to watch the game (well, more than likely the commercials).  Each time you see any of the items on your sheet either mentioned or even shown, cover it up.   You can play for one row, “x” shape or even blackout.  The ideas are endless.

If you want to add even more fun to this game, you can have prizes to hand out.  There is just so much you can do with this game.    You can do whatever you want to do in order to make it fun!

Bingo cards



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