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I never, ever expected I would write a book on parenting. In fact, it was the last topic I ever expected I’d write about!

But I also never expected the events that would unfold in our home and family over the last 4 years… events and challenges and struggles that would bring me to a place of utter desperation and land us at the ER with a child suffering from extreme anxiety and depression.

As a result of the very hard season of parenting, I had to learn how to parent all over again. And those hard-won lessons have completely changed the way I approached parenting — and ended up totally transforming our home and family!

In my new very raw and honest book, Love-Centered Parenting, I share the story of hitting rock bottom as a mom, our journey over the past four years, and how I stopped parenting for my reputation and started parenting for relationship with my kids. A lot of the contents of this book are things I’ve never talked about online before because I wanted to wait to share until the time was right — and our kids were old enough to give their blessing on me sharing this story.

If your heart longs to have more joy and less guilt as a mom, if you feel frazzled and frustrated in your parenting, if you want to yell less and love more as a mom, if you could you some inspiration and practical ideas to parent from a place of rest instead of stress, I truly believe that Love-Centered Parenting: The No-Fail Guide to Launching Your Kids will be a huge encouragement to you!

In Love-Centered Parenting, you’ll learn:

  • the no-fail secret to launching your kids
  • the root of why we often feel so frustrated and irritated with our kids
  • the four most important choices we can make as parents
  • the tools to keep going when you want to give up
  • proven strategies for better communication with your kids

Love-Centered Parenting launches in just 5 weeks, but I’d love for you to go ahead and pre-order a copy now as this makes such a huge difference for marketing and sales for there to be a high volume of pre-orders. And this means that the message of this book will get out to many more families!

Plus, it guarantees that you’ll get the lowest price available on Amazon before the release date (the price often fluctuates on Amazon and you’ll automatically get the lowest rate it goes down to between now and launch day when you pre-order!)

Pre-order Love-Centered Parenting here. (It is also available through a number of other sites online. Check your favorite online book retailer or local bookstore! has it for $13.99!)

Special Opportunity! Join the Launch Team!

If you are planning to pre-order and you would love to join a team of people who are committed to helping get the message of this book out to many more people through reviews, social media promotion, and sharing it with your local friends, I’d love to invite you to apply to join our Launch Team.

Not only will you get a copy of the book before it releases, you’ll also get to be a part of a community of other women who are excited about the book’s message and want to help spread it far and wide. Plus, you’ll get access to extra special perks just for launch team members!

Pre-order Love-Centered Parenting here and then apply to be part of the launch team here (spaces are limited!)

THANK YOU for being on this journey with me! Thank you for your support and cheerleading. I am so humbly grateful.

Leave a Comment & Let Me Know You Pre-Ordered!

If you pre-order a copy of the book today, I would love to get to individually thank you for your support. Please leave a comment and let me know you pre-ordered so I can personally thank you so much for your support!

Here’s to more joy and peace in our parenting!


P.S. Can’t afford a book? It would mean so much for you to contact your local library and ask them to carry it! This allows you to be able to read it for free AND it allows others to read it, too!

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