Raising Sons to Be Honorable Men

“My coach from my senior year could look at me and knight me with his eyes.”

That powerful comment illustrates the hunger of every boy to have a man, particularly a father, draw him into manhood. It comes from Dr. Robert Lewis, who has been associated with Focus on the Family for years. Back in the late 90s, he wrote a book with Focus called Raising a Modern-Day Knight.

It’s been one of our best sellers ever since. And with good reason. Raising boys to authentic manhood is more difficult than ever. Boys today are raised in what Dr. Lewis calls “dark manhood” – a spin on the idea of “dark matter,” the presence of matter throughout the universe that can be measured but not seen. “Dark manhood” describes a man who reaches the chronological age of manhood yet is still mostly boy inside.

Many boys aren’t raised to be well-rounded men. The activities we guide our boys toward often develop their exterior skills while overlooking their interior skills. Things like:

  • Character.
  • Godliness.
  • How to act with and toward women.
  • Discovering their identity.
  • Discovering God’s identity.
  • Answering the question, “What does it mean to be a man?”
  • Answering the questions, “What are my responsibilities as a teenager? As a young man? As a successful, well-rounded adult?”

Many dads don’t know how to answer those questions and others for their sons. Dr. Lewis is helping fathers with that on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Raising Sons to Be Honorable Men.” We’re discussing his classic book and taking a fresh look at how fathers can shine God’s light on their boys’ “dark manhood.”

Dr. Robert Lewis is the founder of Men’s Fraternity, which is an organization teaching men of all ages how to live a life of authentic biblical manhood.

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