Preventing Parents from Guiding Gender-Confused Children is a Recipe for Disaster

It seems each day brings with it headlines and highlights of renewed attacks on the family, but especially on the autonomy and authority of moms and dads to nurture and raise their children according to their deeply held convictions and beliefs.

I recently came across a shocking report from the Journal of Medical Ethics making the claim that parents should not have the right to prevent their minor children from pursuing “gender affirming surgeries” – i.e., preventing biological boys and girls from surgically altering their bodies.

In other words, a child should be free to make a life-altering decision absent the guidance of mom and dad.

We might be inclined to dismiss these occurrences to the fringe and far-flung corners of culture, but there is mounting evidence suggesting incidences of such tragic decision-making are growing.

According to Lisa Marchiano, a licensed social worker:

“Currently, we appear to be experiencing a significant psychic epidemic that is manifesting as children and young people coming to believe that they are the opposite sex, and in some cases taking drastic measures to change their bodies.”

Research shows that upwards of 90% of children who report this type of sexual confusion self-correct by adulthood – but what are they to do if irreparable harm has already been done?

Max Robinson, a blogger and “detransitioner” who as a biological female underwent just such a surgery, is an individual who deeply regrets the decision, suggesting the move caused great harm.

“The best way I can think of describing the loss is like killing a family member who I blamed for being a burden on me,” she said, adding, “and then realizing years later that the blame I put on them was extremely and tragically misplaced.”

Ms. Robinson reports she is now missing critical body parts – and wishes she could turn back the clock.

What’s occurring with increasing frequency is none other than child abuse – and an outright assault on parental rights.

Why is this all happening?

Sociologists report that much like teen suicide, gender-confused children run in clusters. In essence, if one child begins to question and act out, others soon follow. In some cases, it’s become trendy and exotic to experiment with drugs and surgeries.

In reality, it’s terribly sad, and also a direct affront to God’s beautiful design for humanity.

Our hearts break for children struggling and for those parents struggling alongside with them. Focus on the Family exists to help moms and dads guide and provide the critical help needed when children are in this type of crisis. If you find yourself in this or a similarly difficult situation, please reach out to us, and we will do everything within our power to provide a listening ear and helping hand all based on the timeless wisdom of Scripture.

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