My Honest Review of Kroger Pickup (formerly ClickList)

Last week, I tried out ALDI Instacart Delivery. It was sort of a big fail — or at I definitely couldn’t recommend it from a money-saving standpoint. (Read my post here, if you missed it.) But so many of you followed up and messaged me asking if I could try out Kroger Pickup and do a review of my experience.

So, this week, I decided to branch out and try Kroger Pickup (formerly Clicklist) and share my honest thoughts on how it went. I, once again, challenged myself to stick with our $70 budget and see if I could get enough groceries to last for the week with Kroger Pickup. Here are my thoughts after trying it out…

Pros of Using Kroger Pickup

You can get the same weekly deals and digital coupons with Kroger Pickup that you can online.

This is a huge selling point! I went to and looked at the weekly ad to find what deals were running, clipped the digital coupons, and then added these items to my cart. I was able to score a lot of great Buy 5 or More Participating Products, Get $1 Off of Each deals + take advantage of some of the weekly Digital Coupon deal (hello, $4.99 bags of frozen chicken!)

Kroger Pickup is currently waiving their fee, so it’s free to use the service!

As of right now (and I believe it’s been this way for a number of months!), it is completely free to use the Kroger Pickup! They are waiving the $4.95 fee. If you have little kids, are immunocompromised, or just don’t want to have to run into the store, it literally costs nothing extra for someone to shop for you and bring your groceries out to your car. Score!

Cons of Using Kroger Pickup

You can’t get markdowns.

One of the reasons we’re able to keep our grocery budget low while also having lots of variety in it is by scouring our Kroger stores for their fantastic markdowns and closeouts. The only way to get these markdowns and closeouts is by shopping in-store.

You don’t know you final total until you pick up your order.

This drawback was a big deal for me. I found it really difficult to figure out what my total would be when the prices weren’t showing what I would actually pay for each item after the Buy 5 deals + the digital coupons — which were a lot of the deals I got. My total at checkout showed that I would spend


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