If the Stimulus Bill is Supposed to “Rescue” Americans – Why is it Funding the Killing of Babies in the Womb?

President Joe Biden is expected to sign by week’s end the latest COVID-19 relief bill, a hotly contested and fiercely debated piece of legislation filled with massive pork, including funding for abortion.

Known as the “American Rescue Plan of 2021,” the stimulus doesn’t include language from the Hyde Amendment, legislation that has historically prohibited taxpayer dollars from funding elective abortions. Money from this will further fill the coffers of groups like Planned Parenthood.

Public opinion polls suggest the American people favor this third round of government spending, particularly because most taxpayers will see payments of $1400 per family member. As an organization committed to the welfare of the family, we’re keenly aware that husbands and wives along with fathers and mothers are regularly scraping to make the ends meet each month. We also recognize many families found their lives turned upside down and inside out this past year as the pandemic scuttled every normal rhythm and routine. 

At the same time, I suspect most people are unaware of the ethical implications concerning abortion in this bill – and the inclusion of billions of dollars for projects completely unrelated to the pandemic. 

For example, there’s $480 million budgeted for Native American language preservation and $100 million for an underground rail project in California.

Is it any wonder that most Americans are fed up with out-of-control spending and disingenuous claims of “COVID relief”?

The outrageous and unconscionable use of taxpayer dollars for the destruction of life both maddens and saddens my heart. As I have said over this past year, how the same individuals who understandably lament the loss of life to the virus can celebrate and support the destruction of innocent pre-born life is beyond me.

Someone once said denial is the way people handle what they cannot handle – a truism in this case, I believe.

While not of identical moral magnitude, the subject of the rapidly escalating U.S. debt should also be of ethical concern to the family.

The late Herbert Hoover once joked, “Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.”

But debt is no laughing matter. 

Debt enslaves nations and eventually weakens their way of life. Sans a war with creditor countries, every bill eventually comes due. 

The subject of the national debt may not be typical dinnertime conversation, but maybe it should be. In so many ways, it’s something of an impossible issue to relate to because the numbers involved are so massive as to defy personal application.

But it’s an important topic, so let’s try.

Simply put, the “national debt” is how much the United States owes its creditors. As of today, that’s just over $28 trillion. If the government divided that amount among its people, that would come out to nearly $85,000 per citizen and nearly $224,000 per taxpayer.

Are you ready to write a check?

No nation will ever fully thrive that uses the hardworking tax dollars of its people to destroy its next generation.

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