Free Homeschool Curriculum (29 Freebies!)

This is a weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Carrie from If you aren’t a homeschooler, but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny, you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. You may also want to go through the Educational Deals and Freebies from earlier this week for more.

Free General Homeschool Curriculum:

After Homeschool Chore Chart – Are you trying to implement chores into your home? Do your kids forget to complete their daily chores and you need a little reminder? As a parent we want the best for our children, which includes preparing them to become capable adults. A simple chore chart teaches children to become self-reliant and gives them skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

Hiking with Children – Printables & Activities to Get Outdoors – Hiking with children isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially when you’re not an “outdoorsy” person yourself. But that doesn’t mean I don’t give it my all. It can be a fun and educational experience too! Take along some paper to journal, a nature scavenger hunt, or create a unit study based on what you see to expand your learning. Check out these resources to get started.

Teddy Bear Printables & Resources – Children seem to enjoy teddy bear’s for comfort, companionship, and even counting! They can even become a child’s best friend. Kids will enjoy using these teddy bear printables and resources to add to their homeschool lessons.

Free Ways to Learn About Community Helpers: Firefighters – At some point or another most little boys want to be a firefighter. They are courageous people who risk their lives daily to save others. Teach your little ones all about firefighters and so much more with these resources below.

Firefighter Printables

Holiday Themed Homeschooling Resources & Freebies:

FREE Resources, Crafts, and Printables About Snowmen – Snowmen are iconic symbols of winter and Christmas time. I remember watching Frosty the Snowman every year on the television with my family. I loved that movie but was always so sad when he melted. I couldn’t wait until the next year when he would “come back to life”! If you like themed studies, these printables and crafts about snowmen are perfect for winter time.

FREE Preschool Christmas Colors Matching Cards – Your preschooler can have fun learning their colors while you celebrate the Christmas season with these easy-to-use FREE Preschool Christmas Colors Matching Cards. They can practice twelve common colors as they match the halves of the cards.

FREE Christmas Carols Activity Pack – Do your kids love singing Christmas carols as much as mine? Music is such a big part of the Christmas season! Now you can help your musical students sharpen their sheet music reading skills with this FREE Christmas Carols Activity Pack.

FREE Resources, Crafts, and Printables About Christmas Trees and Ornaments – Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my favorite childhood memories. We would decorate our tree at home and then go to my grandparents and decorate theirs. They had the cool icicles we got to throw on the tree and make an absolute mess. You are going to love these fun resources, craft and printables about Christmas trees and ornaments to get your kids into the Christmas spirit this week!

Free Geography Homeschool Curriculum:

Resources for Learning About Scandinavia – Don’t you want to teach your kids about the land of the people who are deemed the happiest people on earth? These resources for learning about Scandinavia will help you learn a bit about the world’s happiest people.

FREE Places of Ancient Greece Notebooking & Research – Understanding ancient history is critical to understanding our modern day, but the changes in geography can make it hard for students to visualize and wrap their heads around. Help them learn about and map 50 historic locations with this FREE Places of Ancient Greece Notebooking & Research unit.

Resources for Learning About Turkey – I was surprised to learn the Christian history behind the country of Turkey and super excited to find out more. With this rich Christian history, where Jesus walked and our early Christian brothers and sisters began their Christian walk, Turkey is absolutely nothing like it once was. Use these resources for learning about Turkey in your homeschool.

Resources for Learning About the Netherlands – Do you know the capital of the Netherlands? I have always dreamed about visiting this iconic country and driving through the tulip fields. Discover even more with these resources for learning about the Netherlands.

Free Netherlands Homeschool Curriculum

Free Science Resources:

Free Resources for Learning about Polar Bears – Polar bears are fascinating carnivores, the larges that live on land! Living in the cold, Arctic region of the world, they are able to keep warm due to a large amount of blubber under their skin. Learn more about these mammals with these fun and free resources for learning about polar bears.

FREE Resources and Printables about Mixtures and Solutions – Chemistry can be an overwhelming science subject to teach. When you homeschool, you can incorporate many fun science subjects, and chemistry is one of them! A great way to start teaching it is by introducing your kids to mixtures and solutions.

Free Resources About Seasons – Many young ones donʻt know that not all places have seasons like the United States does. Yet, it is important to help kids understand and also learn that in other parts of the world seasons are different. These free resources about seasons will help you celebrate the seasons with your students.

FREE Natural Resources Vocabulary Copywork – Our world is an amazing place, and God has filled it with the resources we need to survive and help others. Help your kids learn about some of the earth’s natural resources as well as ways of generating energy with this FREE Natural Resources Vocabulary Copywork unit.

FREE Animals of the Taiga & Tundra Notebooking Unit – There are amazing animals that live in every corner of the globe! Help your students learn about 50 of them (plus incorporate geography and language arts) with this FREE Animals of the Taiga & Tundra Notebooking Unit.

Big List of Free Science Learning Sites & Apps – Many families have switched to remote learning this year, even if only for a short period of time. Science can be a challenging subject to teach, but this big list of free science learning sites & apps can help make the homeschool transition a little smoother.

Free Printables and Resources About the Periodic Table – With 118 elements to memorize, a name, and a unique letter symbol, there is no wonder that the periodic table is intimidating to most kids – and adults. These free printables and resources about the periodic table can help you teach the elements in ways that will stick.

Free Periodic Table Homeschool Curriculum

Free Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum:

FREE Story Prompts About the Farm – My little ones always “call” the cows as we drive down the road. Do you have a little one who never stops telling you stories but hates to write things down (or isn’t old enough to)? These FREE Story Prompts About the Farm are for you!

FREE Ocean-Themed Writing Prompts for Kids – Whether you have a child who struggles to write or a child who can’t find enough to write about, writing prompts are a great way to engage their creativity and encourage them. These FREE Ocean-Themed Writing Prompts for Kids include 10 fun prompts to get their imaginations going!

FREE Writing Prompts About Community Helpers – Writing Prompts About Community Helpers is a fun series of ten writing prompts for ages 8-12 that include writing prompts about a carpenter, farmer, hairdresser, X-ray technician, veterinarian (through the eyes of a turtle!), reporter, librarian, scientist, police officer (through the eyes of a police dog), and house cleaner.

Free Resources for Studying Tolkien & His Works – Although Tolkien is best known for The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit series, he was also a poet, scholar, philologist, and university professor. Studying authors will be a great journey with these free resources for studying Tolkien & his works.

Free Resources for Studying C.S. Lewis & His Works – One of the best Christian authors you can teach your students about C.S. Lewis. His works have a beautiful way of intertwining art, everyday life, and faith. I have heard it called literary evangelism. Without really studying about him, we wouldn’t know about the complexity of who he was. These free resources for studying C.S. Lewis & his works can help.

Free History Resources:

FREE American Explorers-Themed Print & Cursive Practice – Learning how to write print letters and how to write cursive letters can be challenging. It can be even more so when it comes time to mentally connect the two styles of writing so students can read and write both proficiently. This FREE American Explorers-Themed Print & Cursive Practice can help them do this while making it fun and interesting.

Resources About Milestones in American History – Learning about the land of opportunity is essential for better understanding of our great country. At the very least we can teach them the milestones which helped shape it. These resources about milestones in American history are just a handful of events and experiences that have shaped the country in significant ways.

FREE Printables and Unit Studies About Famous Explorers – When we start a new history program, we almost are always starting with learning about the famous explorers. This is because explorers are who helped to discover new lands and important places that we call home today. They were the beginning of history as we know it, apart from creation and biblical history.

FREE Presidents Trivia Research Unit – Learning about the lives of the Presidents of the United States can be fun, and we have lots of ways your kids can enjoy learning about these historic figures! Check out this FREE Presidents Trivia Research Unit all about Andrew Jackson and John Tyler.

FREE People of World War 1 Notebooking Unit – World War 1 is a fascinating and often under-studied time that was a vital part of modern history and greatly impacted many subsequent events. Help your students learn more about this critical time by studying 66 of its famous people with this FREE People of World War 1 Notebooking Unit.

Free World War I Resources

Carrie has been homeschooling for over a decade and loves to share FREE homeschool curriculum, deals, and reviews over at Homeschool Giveaways. You can find homeschool freebies, free homemaking resources, meal plans, free unit studies, and much more.

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