Come Along the Journey! (January 2021 Update)

The Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection is coming together and moving along at a steady pace! I just received packaging samples yesterday (we’ll be removing the names from the front of the palettes when they go into mass production; the names appear on the spine), and it’s so amazing to see the three images come together. The biggest concern was how well the three palette images would align in reality but that came out quite well, I think!

We always envisioned triptych artwork with each palette’s artwork standing alone, but we wanted there to be something special if you purchased all three. I will go over the shade names in depth when all the shades are approved and I’m able to share how the colors all came together 🙂

  • Quintessence: An ode to space and the night sky.  The artwork reflects the northern lights (aurora borealis) along with the Milky Way galaxy. The canis major constellation joins those two elements as a tribute to Mellan.
  • On the Horizon: My take on neutrals; I’d call them “new” neutrals; they’re a little grungy, earthy, and muted with a bit of desert inspiration along the way. Hints of the northern lights trickle into the palette’s artwork and is centered around a surreal moon and Mellan’s silhouette. The mountains represent the horizon line where sky and sea meet each other.
  • Radiant Reflection: A celebration of color that takes its cues from jewels, rainbows (but intensify the depth and brilliance), and metals.  Reflection can be a literal, mirror reflection, but it can also be about looking back, sometimes looking under the surface and seeing beyond the literal reflection. The northern lights beam through the water and illuminate a mirror with its own, more turbulent waterfall. While it’s hard to see in print, Magellan’s silhouette is in the mirror’s reflection… which is rather fitting now that it his presence is in memoriam.

Here are some in progress swatches I’ve shared! They’re really about sharing my own excitement but also taking readers along the journey. It’s less about teasing or hyping anything up–I swear! We’re looking at more of a true spring launch (late March/April/May), but one of the biggest pieces that dictates the release date is finalizing packaging.  I’m still working through many shades, but Sydney Grace has started to press shades that have been finalized! 😏

In the below Instagram slideshow, you’ll find four videos:

  • a look at MAC Jealousy Wakes (from my MAC collab many years ago) compared to Borealis (from Quintessence, approved) and Jealousy’s Descent (from Radiant Reflection, approved).
  • first “quad” of shades in Quintessence: Umbra (almost approved), Orion Nebula (approved), Celestial Bloom (approved), The Mielke Way (approved).
    first “quad” of shades in On the Horizon: Heart-dog (approved), Earthbound (approved), Flying High (almost approved), Midnight Courage (in progress)
  • last “quad” of shades in Radiant Reflection: Our Starry Night (in progress), Glossover (in progress), Jealousy’s Descent (approved), Sublime Reverie (in progress)

Some additional info: there are three eyeshadow palettes, each with 12 shades, that will be available individually or as a bundle (of all three). It is a spring 2021 release, and as soon as I know more specifics on the date, I’ll be sure to share! The collection will not be limited edition; as long as they sell well, the brand will continue to restock if it should sell out.

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