25 Teen Boy Gift Ideas (Perfect for Christmas or Birthday)

Coming up with ideas for gifts can be tough.  When it is a teen boy, it can be even tougher!  So what in the world should get for a teen?  We’ve rounded up some of the best teen boy gift ideas he will be sure to love.

If you have a teen boy on your gift list, you might be struggling with ideas on what to get for him.  It is even worse when it seems they already have so much.

Relax.  I can help.

I’ve put together a list of twenty-five (25) gift ideas for teen boys!  The list includes items that range in price, from very affordable to a bit extravagant. The one thing you will know for sure is that you’ll find an idea to give him the perfect gift.

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Portable Phone Charger

With all that gaming and texting, you know battery drainage happens quickly! This Anker PowerCore holds almost 3 1/2 full phone charges!


Tangle Free Earbuds

These are earbuds that will never tangle!  Zipbuds were designed to provide quality sound, comfort fit and never, ever tangle.

Beanie Headphones

No need for earbuds with this hat.  This wireless beanie connects to his tablet or phone with no problem.


Five in One Tool Pen

This 5-in-one pen includes a screwdriver, capacitive touch stylus for smart devices, an integrated bubble level, ruler, and pen with clip.

Logo Backpack

This gives him a cool way to carry all his stuff. You can get in a variety of different colors too.  Check out this Under Armor Backpack as it is a favorite amongst teen boys.


Mini Cooler

Teen boys are hungry.  All of the time.  Get him some snacks and mini cooler he can keep in his rooms to have cool drinks at the ready.



A drone is a really great gift for just about any teen – especially one who loves machines and technology.  This one has a camera so he can get a bird’s eye view.


Bedside Pocket

This pocket helps keep his essentials next to him in bed. He can store his tablet, earbuds, books – just about anything he needs and keep it right at his fingertips in this handy pocket storage system.


Virtual Reality Headset

These are fun and popular for teen boys and girls!  You can find this one for around $30 that you can power with your smartphone.


Runner Headlights

If he loves to run, these shoe headlights for his shoes are an absolute must!


Most teen guys like to smell good (or at least, not smell badly).  Grab a bottle of his favorite cologne.

Powerbeats wireless earbuds

If your teen wants to be wireless, Powerbeats are the ones to have.  They can last for up to 6 hours on just one charge!


Valet Charging Station

This is a cool way for him to charge his devices, but also keep his dresser cleaner (or, at least in theory).  This iCozy valet charging station has drawers and additional storage for him to keep his watch, wallet, keys and more.



Awkward Moment Card Game

What a hilarious way to deal with inevitable teen drama?! This is an affordable gift idea for just about any teen on your list. You can find it HERE.


Fitness Water Bottle

Fitness Bottle with Phone Holding Sleeve

If your guy loves to hit the gym this is a way to store his phone with his water bottle!  It is a really cool design that helps him have his phone handy, without having to find a place to set it.


Magnetic Dartboard

This magnetic dartboard rolls up so it can be put away when not in use, but then is ready when he wants to play.




PJ bottoms

Teenagers. You know they love to sleep! Get him some comfy or fun print PJ bottoms!


Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Now he can crank up all that music you love so much!  You can find different styles in all price ranges.



Because you want him to be a well-rounded guy, right? Here are a few books that the teen boy might enjoy:


Funny T-Shirt

I know my kiddo is a fan of anything sarcastic and funny. Why not let him say it on a shirt?  Here are a few examples:

How to pick up chicks
Happy and you know it (I can’t help it, this one made me LOL)

Travel Cord Roll

What a cool way to store earbuds and all of those cords you need when you travel!  You can find it aqua or black.


Car Seat Gap Filler

It may seem like a silly gift, but this thing works!  It will prevent his phone and other items from falling between the seats, leading to distracted driving.


Subscription Box

My son likes his subscription to Dollar Shave Club. There are so many other great subscription boxes tailored to your young man.

Loot Crate
My Geek Box
BustedTees Shirt of the Month



Game of Phones

This game looks like fun!  You use your phones to play by searching, sending texts and more!


Bike Lights

These bike lights not only make it easier to see where you ride but also help drivers see you.  A must-have for any guy who loves to bike – especially in the dark.


Grooming Kit

Every young man needs clippers, file and more.  This grooming kit is not only affordable, but it is also practical!


Tools for His Vehicle

Items such as a tire gauge, jumper cables or even emergency escape tool always work well.  This 9-in-1 emergency tool  gives him most of what he’ll need, in one incredible gadget.

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