12 Books I Plan to Read to Kierstyn in 2021

From the time our three older kids were little babies, I prioritized reading aloud to them. And not just reading picture books — although we enjoy lots of those! — but also reading chapter books.

I know that some people find it strange that I would read chapter books to babies and toddlers. Yes, they can’t understand a lot of what is being read when they are little, but developing a long for reading and learning can begin at a very young age. Plus, as they get older, they will begin to understand and comprehend much more quickly than we often give them credit for.

One of the biggest reasons why I love reading aloud to kids — even when they are little — is because it encourages them to develop a love for books and literature and it helps me establish the habit of reading aloud from a very young age. When they are tiny, I’m the one who enjoys the books more than they do. But as they grow, they quickly begin falling in love with read aloud time, too (or at least that’s what happened with our older three!)

Our older three will tell you that they learned so much from the books we read when they were little and the audiobooks and audio dramas they listened to.

12 Books I Plan to Read to Kierstyn in 2021

I love this book because it has three E.B. White books in one. We’ve already read Stuart Little (the first book in it) and now we’re working our way through the rest of it. So these are the first two books on my list for 2021:

1. Charlotte’s Web

2. The Trumpet of the Swan

And here’s the rest of our stack:

3. The War That Saved My Life

4. The BFG

5. The Imagination Station: Voyage with the Vikings

6. The Imagination Station: Attack on the Arena

7. The Imagination Station: Pearl in the Palace

8. The King’s Highway

9. Fantastic Mr. Fox

10. The Story of Eli Whitney

11. Robinson Crusoe

12. Amy Carmichael

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