How to Treasure Hunt for the Famous Lincoln City Glass Floats

Years ago, beachcombers would be lucky to find a blown glass Japanese fishing float on the shores of Oregon. Fisherman used these beautifully crafted tools on their float fishing nets, but sometimes they ended getting cut off and lost. Anyone who found them would bring them home and admire their new-found treasure.

Nowadays, all fishing vessels have phased out glass floats to use buoyant plastic. A local artist thought bringing back the glass floats would be a great way to launch the new millennium and attract visitors during the slower season. Lincoln City sponsored the project and held the inaugural season of Finders Keepers in 1999-2000.

Finders Keepers brought tourists from all over the country looking for these signed and numbered floats. It was a success! The city loved how it turned out since it combined art and the outdoors, and many of the visitors also spent time in the city.

Since then, it’s been an annual tradition that gets locals and visitors excited!

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