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Summer is upon us! Though we enter into what the Church calls “Ordinary Time,” we are aware that we live in extraordinary times that require flexibility, playfulness, and kindness. That’s what we hope this resource is for you – flexible playlists that ignite a playful spirit as we practice kindness.

Listen, Wonder, Pray, Play, & Act

The Summer of Kindness: Sharing God’s Love includes 6 stories and playlists that churches and families can use. Each section contains five parts: Listen, Wonder, Pray, Play, Act. You can hear the Bible story adapted from Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible (or read it yourself), wonder together about the story, offer a short prayer, play a fun game or activity, and then choose an act of kindness (or a few) from the Bingo Sheet! Who can get BINGO first?!

Access the resource as a pdf download in English or Spanish or use the on-line playlists. Ministry Leaders can use this as summer programming, an alternative to VBS, Sunday School curriculum, and more. Grownups – parents, guardians, mentors, grandparents – can use this in day-to-day activities with all ages. Use all six sections in one week, a month, or all summer long – it’s up to you! Choose which parts bring you and your loved ones joy; if that’s just the Bible stories, that’s great! If it’s the Bingo Sheet, go for it! Hear us – whatever you do, during these extraordinary times, it is good and enough!

Creative Options for using the Summer of Kindness

  • Share with families to use on their own
  • Alternate VBS
  • Small Family Groups
  • Part of a sermon series
  • Gather families at a playground or local park – use the resource with all the families together and then play
  • Sunday School – in-person or on-line
  • Youth (see this download about how to adapt for youth)
  • End of the summer party to celebrate and share how families shared God’s Love

How might you use the Summer of Kindness to Share God’s Love?

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