Deck Out Your College Dorm Room at the Dollar Store

You just paid your heart-attack-inducing tuition bill — but the college costs have just begun. You still need textbooks, a computer, clothes, office supplies, and stuff for your dorm room. But how are you supposed to make your new residence homey when your bank account has already taken a beating? Don’t worry — you can deck out your college dorm room at the dollar store!

Create Your Dorm Room’s Theme at the Dollar Store

Whether you’re going for a glam, sporty, minimalist, or cute dorm room vibe, you can create your theme with supplies from the dollar store. Budget-friendly necessities like wastebaskets, storage containers, and lamps are available in different styles to match the look that you’re after. And, if you can’t find what you want on store shelves, embrace your inner crafter and make it! The dollar store has loads of crafting supplies.

If you have an idea for dorm hacks, dollar stores can help. And, of course, the web is full of dorm room ideas. You can make it a DIY project where you use basic items like a picture frame, paint, even oddities like Halloween decorations, and other inexpensive dollar store buys to create your own dorm room decor.

Pick up some spray paint, washi tape (sometimes known as decorative tape), shelf liners, confetti, and other adornments. Then, apply them to mirrors, picture frames, canvases, wooden items, or even unconventional materials like cereal boxes and tin cans. You now have decor that’s unique and fits in beautifully with your dorm room’s theme.

Organize Your Dorm Room Using Dollar Store Finds

When you have a small space, you have to make the most of every square inch. Affordable finds from the dollar store can help you organize your dorm room — and keep it tidy. Collapsible storage bins come in a variety of colors and can hold practically anything. Use them for cleaning supplies, school gear, snacks, and more.

You don’t need to have a great idea or be a master of amazing dorm hacks. Look at what other students are doing and see how you can put your own spin on them.

And don’t be afraid to use storage as dorm decor. An attractive wire basket makes for a great throw blanket holder. You’ll feel cozy just looking at it — and your blankets will have a home. Glass jars can also do double duty. They can hold anything small like paper clips, cotton balls, or even candy to power through those late-night study sessions. And, they’ll look great on your desk or shelving.

The bottom line? There are lots of dorm room organization hacks waiting for you at the dollar store. Go get ‘em!

Use Dollar Store Buys to Decorate Your Dorm Room on the Cheap

You’re going to spend lots of time studying and hanging out in your dorm room. That means you want it to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully, the dollar store has many cheap (but awesome!) treasures that you can use to make the space your own.

Small, colorful rugs help to define areas within a tight space and add visual interest. You can also snag an assortment of picture frames, mirrors, wall stickers, and canvases to make your dorm room feel like home — no matter where you look. Just remember: don’t use nails to hang your decor! To spruce up your place without destroying the walls, use self-adhesive hooks or hanging strips.

Want to set a relaxed mood and have a backup lighting source if there’s a power outage? The dollar store sells flameless LED candles and color-changing tea lights. You’ll love to kick back under the soft glow — and your campus safety department will love that you’re not actually burning anything!

Clever Ways to Use Dollar Store Items in Your Dorm Room

If you’re a DIY person with a creative streak, you can really personalize your space. There are loads of clever ways to use dollar store items in your dorm room, limited only by your imagination. To spark your thinking, consider using:

  • An over-the-door plastic shoe holder to house decorative items like photos, knickknacks, or jewelry
  • A plastic cutlery tray to organize makeup and office supplies
  • A trash can as a planter for silk flowers (no watering, no mess!)
  • A plastic dish rack to hold your school notebooks
  • An overturned basket as a nightstand

Want more inspiration? If you’re short on cash but rich in time, Pinterest has more ideas than you could ever implement!

Dorm room glam on the cheap

Getting a college degree can be an expensive endeavor. But — decking out your dorm room to your liking doesn’t have to be. By shopping at the dollar store and using your imagination, you can create a perfect space for your life and your studies. And, if you’re looking for more great, budget-conscious finds, consider grabbing some of your dorm room gear from a thrift store.

Friends and family — want to help your college student spiff up their new place? Check out these budget gift ideas!

–By Laura Gariepy


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