Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to do in Camden, Delaware

Camden Bucket List: 15 Best Places to Visit in Camden, Delaware

Established in 1783 and known initially as Mifflin’s Crossroads, Camden used to be a Quaker settlement laid out by Daniel Mifflin. The town gained commercial trade through wharves in a nearby Forest Landing and Lebanon on the St. Jones River. Today Camden is the location of many notable sites. Below are 15 things you can do in Camden, Delaware.

Stroll through First State Heritage Park

The Delaware State Capitol in Dover photo via Wikipedia CC

The adventurous city of Delaware sports several and large state-parks the rural areas. It also has open spaces and nature preserve in its urbanity. One of these urban parks is the First State Heritage Park.

This park seemingly blends in with its surrounding areas as it does not have a boundary, which makes it so that moving across areas is made easy. This park is located close to Camden and is the perfect place to spend a pleasant and beautiful day.

Try out the Beer at the Big Oyster Brewery

Big Oyster Brewery photo via FB Page
Big Oyster Brewery photo via FB Page

Local Beer and fresh seafood? These two things go along with each other, and the Big Oyster Brewery is a place where you can get both of them. The Brewery is located along Kings Highway in Lewes. It is a traditional oyster house, contemporary microbrewery, and a raw bar merged.

The Big Oyster brews a range of different brews from light to dark and brooding. With great happy hour deals, why not stop by and have a glass. It is mostly open from 11 AM, till late at night.

Buy Something from Spence’s Bazaar

Spence's Bazaar photo via FB page
Spence’s Bazaar photo via FB page

Spence’s Bazaar has been a Dover attraction for generations. It has been described as a four in one market, mainly a farmer’s market, flea market, carnival, and an antique mall. It is a collection of stores that pretty much sells everything from food to arts and crafts.

Its in-state produce in the summer and early fall are big. Therefore, they host live entertainment on the weekends during the peak season.

Have a Picnic at Brecknock County Park

Brecknock County Park photo by Mike Mahaffie via Flickr CC
Brecknock County Park photo by Mike Mahaffie via Flickr CC

A few minutes from downtown Camden located just off US Route 13, is Brecknock County Park, comprised of almost 90 acres offering visitors an alternative to the region’s state parks.

The park has playgrounds, a picnic area with covered seating, and the Dunbar trails are open all year round and free! Pets are also allowed in the park as long as they are cleaned and leashed.

Spend a Weekend at Dover

White cliffs of Dover photo via Depositphotos
White cliffs of Dover photo via Depositphotos

For visitors who are willing to hit the open road and have access to a car, Dover is a great trip destination for a day. Though known for its racetrack and gaming, it also has many other attractions at its disposal.

In municipal parks across Dover, special programs are held on the first Sunday of each month. The event includes food, arts and crafts festivals, and live entertainment. With events during the first Saturdays as well, planning a weekend trip is your best bet.

Admire the Old State House

Delaware Old State House photo by Acroterion via Wikipedia CC
Delaware Old State House photo By Acroterion – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Built nearly 250 years ago, the Delaware Old State House still stands, making it one of the oldest buildings in the area. Even if most of the original structure has been replaced due to many restorations over the years, it still looks the same as its earlier years.

The exhibits and memorabilia give you an overview of the area’s history. For anyone interested in visiting its historical sites, the Old State House is a great place to spend an hour or two.

Camp out at Killens Pond State Park

The Murderkill River in Killens Pond State Park by Tim Kiser via Wikipedia CC
The Murderkill River in Killens Pond State Park by Tim Kiser via Wikipedia CC

The Killens Pond State Park, created in the 18th century, has a centerpiece of an artificial millpond nearly 70-acres wide. Going here is finding such a perfect location for outdoor activities such as swimming, picnicking, fishing, and kayaking.

Being open year-round and offering an escape from the crowds, camping has been a popular activity on the site. Spending a night or two to enjoy the scenery under the stars and a relaxing dip is a worthwhile vacation.

Have some food at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

Baked Potato Soup photo via Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Fb page
Baked Potato Soup photo via Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Fb page

You can find the best food near US Route 14 and Lochmeath Way is Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. This splendid restaurant founded in 1979 has been serving homemade style cooking for almost 40 years now. Specializing in traditional comfort food like chicken tenders, ribs, hot pies, meatloaf, etc…

And like the name suggests that it is mostly made from on-site scratch. The yummy food service accumulated loyal customers throughout the years. Its popularity is due to its relaxing environment, belly-filling portions, and reasonable prices.

Explore John Dickinson’s Plantation

Inside John Dickinson House photo by Jerrye and Roy Klotz MD via Wikipedia CC
Inside John Dickinson House photo By JERRYE & ROY KLOTZ MD – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Located on Kitts Hummock Road in Dover is John Dickinson Plantation. The residence and farm are owned by a wealthy tobacco farmer who played an essential role in making the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Currently, the plantation is a historic attraction open to the public with staff dressed in historical attire – you too can experience living history. With a low-cost admission fee, spend an hour or two to explore the plantation.

Tour Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village

Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village
Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village photo via FB Page

Though often unnoticed by visitors, the Delaware Agricultural Museum usually ends up being the highlight of many trips. Containing the state’s most prized collection of equipment, memorabilia, and direct accounts of those who’ve made their living farming the area throughout the years.

With an outdoor space and an indoor portion, you could keep yourself busy for a while.

Bathe at the Delaware Seashore State Park

Beach at Indian River Inlet in Delaware photo by Dough4872 via Dpepsitphotos
Beach at Indian River Inlet in Delaware photo By Dough4872 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, cc

Among the least touched and natural waters along the Atlantic seaboard are the Delaware beaches. However, many visitors prefer to spend and enjoy their time at Delaware Beach State Park instead of resort towns like Ocean City, Maryland. Comprised of nearly 3,000 acres of land surrounded by the endless view of the ocean.

Swimming, fishing, sunbathing, and surfing are among the popular activities along the beach. With the park hosting multiple events during peak season, you can plan your vacation to attend and experience these events.

Shop for some Fruits and Vegetables at Fifer Orchards

Farmers Market
Farmers Market

Delaware, with fertile soil and a temperate climate, has always been an agricultural state. With these aptitudes, it can grow an impressive variety of crops from fruits to vegetables. Located on Allabands Mill Road, it has been owned by one family for four generations.

Open seasonally from April to December, The Orchard’s country store sells its well-known fresh berries, peaches, corn, tomatoes, and pumpkins. As it also has a section for locally made ice cream, so why not stop by and try some!

Get to know Air Crafts at the Air Mobility Command Museum.

Aerial view of the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover, Delaware by Teamski1 via Wikipedia CC
Aerial view of the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover, Delaware By Teamski1 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

One of the country’s biggest Air Force bases is located in Dover with a primary role of international transportation and is a distribution hub for military logistics. The extravagant Air Mobility Command Museum features dozens of vintage and modern aircraft that have long been decommissioned.

Dedicated to transport planes, bombers, fighters, and in-flight refueling planes, as well as the men and women who flew and maintained these air crafts. Open on Tuesday through Sunday, from 9 AM to 4 PM, explore the museum to your liking.

Roam the Johnson Victrola Museum

Johnson Victrola Museum by Craig Fildes via Flickr CC
Johnson Victrola Museum by Craig Fildes via Flickr CC

Eldridge Reeves Johnson is the Victor Talking Machine Company’s creative founder, which would eventually become Victrola. Located on South New Street in Dover, it is open all year-round on Wednesday through Saturday.

You can visit and be mystified by the view! It contains an admirable collection of machines on which the iconic Victrolas were modeled. The museum is totally free to visit, requiring no entrance fees and having a donation box instead.

Grab a Drink at a local distillery

Painted Stave Distilling photo via FB Page
Painted Stave Distilling photo via FB Page

And last but not least is the Painted Stave Distilling Company, where you can drink your heart out with delightful liquor. Located on West Commerce Street in Smyrna, it uses locally-sourced ingredients and traditional, time-tested recipes to make several top-notch liquors.

The location was originally an old movie theater from the WW2 era, which adds to its history. It is open for tours and drinks from Friday through Sunday. With such world-class products to try visiting would be an experience like no other.

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