Best & Worst of Sydney Grace Cream Shadows (2020)

Sydney Grace Cream Shadows ($8.00 for 0.34 oz.) were recently reformulated to improve the shelf life–from six months to 12 months–so a re-test was in order! I think the way the formula felt and applied was largely the same as the prior formula, but I found that the reformulation was more prone to creasing in deeper lines (like my actual crease, whereas it held up better along fine lines on my inner lid area) than the original formula. They had similar longevity with respect to color or finish fading, e.g. if one just wore it on the mobile lid.

This formula is better suited to those who like greater coverage in their cream eyeshadows as most shades were pigmented, and while it’s possible to sheer some of the shades out, they are just easier to use at higher coverage levels. They dry down to a more powder-like finish, which allowed them to remain blendable along the edges and have a more flexible, texture-forgiving feel.

One of the reasons I (personally) fell in love with this formula that remains true with the reformulation was how easy they are to use with other products; they don’t have a thicker or drier finish that doesn’t combine well with other powder eyeshadows, so they can be used together or in multi-shade looks, which are what I tend to gravitate toward (rather than one-and-done!).

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