Best & Worst of Clionadh Eyeshadows (Standard)

Clionadh Duochrome Eyeshadow  
Clionadh Duochrome Eyeshadow  

Clionadh Eyeshadows is available in a few different finishes: Matte, Metallic, Shimmer Metallic, Duochrome, Ultra Metal, and Transformer (you can view a breakdown by finish here).  The brand does high-shine, high-shimmer shades the best–like the Ultra Metals (very smooth, refined sheen) and Duochromes (excellent quality with visible shifts at a great price).

I’ve reviewed all of the shades that I have in my possession, though I know I’m definitely missing a few (particular some matte shades that have been out of stock for awhile). There was no way for me to finish reviewing all of the Multichromes by today, but I was able to get through the regular singles, which are definitely underappreciated!

The brand is doing a major restock today, the 18th, at 5PM ET, which will be of products in stock and already made, so not a typical pre-order, which is what they’ve been doing for the past year. They will still have pre-orders available to make for the Multichromes as well in anticipation of running through the inventory they do have.  Matte eyeshadows will not be restocked until 2021. With their official reopening and restock, there is also a sitewide sale, as follows:

  • 10% off Stained Glass Collection (multichromes), both individuals and bundles
  • 35% off all standard eyeshadows (featured in this post!)
  • 35% off highlighters
  • 40% off accessories

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