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Your skin tone/coloring: Very fair with neutral undertones, grey hair and dark brown eyes.
Look you loved this week?: I never went near makeup this week. My daughter is still struggling in our very red state and while the state went for the red candidate, they are still protesting at the court house and the mall where she works one of her two jobs. It is just a very scary time for her and for me. My aunt was also diagnosed with COVID this week and she is the last sibling on my father’s side. It is just so hard when you know they are elderly, they have secondary issues and she smoked for 60 years. Then not even being able to visit her or see her is hard. Anyway, my mind was not on makeup.

Any new or old favorites discovered?: No

Any product you’re hoping to use next week?: I am hoping my Clionadh shadows actually arrive, as the tracking says they did, and I can play with those. I am hoping that the tracking saying they arrived means that it is at my local post office waiting for delivery. Living so far out in the country can be a blessing and a curse. If mail arrives a minute after the carrier leaves, then you might not get it for a day or two. On top of that, add the hijinks of the Federal postal officials and who knows where it is!!

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