20 Gifts for Tweens Under $30

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Looking for the best Christmas gifts for tweens this holiday season? We have you covered with this Tweens Gift Guide — which includes gifts for tween girls, gifts for tween boys, and stocking stuffers for tweens that are all under $30 to help you stick to your gift budget!

Silas and Kaitlynn had a blast helping to choose ideas for this gift guide. I hope that their selections of things they and their friends love will give you some great suggestions for gifts that might work well for your tweens, too! -Crystal

Pre-teens can be kind of difficult to buy for! But this list of gifts for tweens will give you lots of fun and budget-friendly ideas to pick from!

Body Spray Gift for Tween Girls

Gifts for Tween Girls

These are Kaitlynn’s favorite picks! (But many of these would probably work for boys OR girls!)

1. Bath & Body Works Fragrance Spray — My girls love these. They have so many different scents and Bath & Body Works is often offering fantastic deals — especially if you buy multiples. Sign up for their email list to be notified of when their best sales are.

Bath Bombs

2. Bath Bombs — You can make your own or purchase a set like this from Amazon. {These would make a great stocking stuffer gift, too, if you have multiple tween girls to buy gifts for. You could put one or two in cute little bags with a ribbon.}

Scrunchies Gift Idea

3. Scrunchies — You’ve probably heard that scrunchies are back in style and our girls can’t get enough of them! {Again, these would make fun stocking stuffers or get an entire set for the girl who loves to wear lots of different colors! Psst! It’s pretty easy to sew scrunchies if you have basic sewing skills.}

Felt Letterboard Gift for Tweens

4. Letterboard — These are such a great way to display a tween girls’ personality and originality. Best of all, Letterboards now come in many different colors and styles.


5. PopSocket — The girls cannot figure out how I manage to have a phone without a PopSocket on it. Just call me old-fashioned! They adore PopSockets and there are so many cute and fun ones to choose from. This one is a favorite of Kaitlynn’s.

Felt Flowers Craft Kit

6. Craft Kits — Most tween girls love creating, so a craft kit is usually the perfect idea and something they’ll spend hours enjoying. Plus, if it’s something they can display in their room or wear after they make it, they’ll get even more fulfillment from it!

Twinkle Lights for Tween Girls

7. Twinkle Lights — You just can’t go wrong with Twinkle Lights — and there are so many fun uses for them. Kaitlynn is often rearranging her room and coming up with some new way to display her twinkle lights!

Nerf Toy Gifts for Tween Boys

Gifts for Tween Boys

These are Silas’ favorite picks! (But many of these would probably work for boys OR girls!)

8. Nerf Toys — When I asked Silas to help me put together some gift ideas for tween boys, he literally picked out 7 different Nerf Toys to include on the list! Suffice it to say, these are a big hit with him and his friends. And it seems like you just can never have too many Nerf Toys, according to him!

KC Royals Pillow

9. Sports Pillow — Silas has a football pillow he got last year that he uses as room decor — and to sleep with. In fact, he brings it on every trip! There are pillows for just about every team under the sun.

LEGO Movie Stop Motion Kit

10. LEGO Kits — There are SO many different LEGO kits to choose from and there’s practically something for everyone. This LEGO Movie Kit is a fun twist combining stop motion film plus LEGO design.

Perplexus Maze Game Gift for Tweens

11. 3D Maze Game — These are so much fun, not just for boys, but for adults, too! If you have a son who loves to solve puzzles or be challenged, this might be a great gift idea!

Catapults and Crossbows Set for tween Boys

12. Catapults & Crossbows — This kit would be perfect for a tween boy who loves science and engineering and nerf guns. It’s kind of like building your own nerf gun!

Nerf Flag Football

13. Flag Football Set — Jesse bought the kids a flag football set a few years ago and it has been well-loved and well-used. A great gift for sports lovers and something the whole family can end up using!

Mini Basketball Hoop

14. Mini Basketball Hoop — Any boy who loves basketball will likely get hours of fun from a mini basketball hoop. Mount this on a door for lots of indoor entertainment. By the way, this Hamper Hoop is a unique twist on a mini basketball hoop — and it might actually get your tween to put his laundry in the hamper! 🙂

eos lip balm stocking stuffer for tweens

Stocking Stuffers for Tweens

15. eos Lip Balm — Kaitlynn loves eos lip balm and it’s such a practical and useful, but also cute and appreciated gift. Perfect for stocking stuffers!

Fuzzy Socks

16. Fuzzy Socks — What girl wouldn’t love fuzzy socks? I’m 38 and I still love them! Bonus points for tween girls if they have unicorns on them!

Puravida Bracelets stocking stuffers for tweens

17. puravida bracelets — These bracelets are waterproof, handmade,and come in many different colors. They are so fun to mix and match!

Thinking Putty stocking stuffer for tweens

18. Thinking Putty — This stuff is always a hit and it comes in so many different colors! (I personally think the Liquid Glass one is the coolest!)

Baseball Cards

19. Baseball Cards — You can never go wrong with baseball cards if you have a baseball lover at your house!

Cool Socks Stocking Stuffers for tweens

20. Cool Socks — Socks are such practical and useful Christmas gifts for tweens… and if they are cool-looking that makes them even better!

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Do you have any other fun ideas for Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers for tweens? Let us know in the comments!

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